pratiche base yoga

The Full, Infinite, Whole, Complete
From the Isha Upanishad
(Upanishads, Isha Upanishad)(endless audio loop*)
The Isha Upanishad starts with
the famous and insightful verse:
Purnamadah Purnamidam
Purnat Purnamudachyate
Purnasya Purnamadaya
Purnameva Vashishyate
Om shanti, shanti, shanti
That is infinite, this is infinite;
From That infinite this infinite comes.
From That infinite, this infinite removed or added;
Infinite remains infinite.
Om. Peace! Peace! Peace!
(alternate translations)
LISTENING … listen to the body, breath, emotional state, mental, energetic, the present moment.

CAUTION … in the movement, in a static position can shift the focus to the body parts into play, breath etc.

AWARENESS … I become increasingly aware of the various levels.

OBJECTIVE … being focused on what you are doing, be open to exploration and transformation … the path is experience, and first goal at the same time, UNITA ultimate goal ‘.

Short-term goals – long-term relaxation, mindfulness, concentration, mental and physical balance.

PRACTICE: practice in accordance with the individual pace, the limit … the practice is in function of the practitioner, not vice versa.

Step 1: At the beginning of practice we create a moment of pause, in which “Let us place”, we let go of the conditioning, the thought, the images … observe and let the focus moves to the PRESENT, on the body, the natural breath.

Step 2: TRUE: align the spine, we use simple exercises (to ground in feet) alignment – the column v traction., “Flatten” the curve (lordosis), creating a relaxing vertebral compression. We report to a more neutral.

Step 3: MOBILITY ‘spine and joints: esercici through dynamic and static positions. (Flexion-extension of the column v. Antero-post) (mobility of joints, hands, feet, ankles, hips, shoulders … etc …) (mobility v lateral column. lateral bending)

WORK  (flexion-extension, opening – closing, right-left, inhale – exhale)

FOLLOWING THE BREATH OF NATURAL (thin through the nostrils, unless otherwise indicated)


1: APANASANA: Lie flat on the back-knees to your chest held by the hands-sull’inspiro away from his chest stretching knees elbows with hands-sull’espiro pull your knees to your chest. (Always keep hands to his knees, let abandoned his feet, follow the subtle breath and reset the little respite in the inversion of movement)

2) ALIGNMENT C.V. lying on your back, knees bent with feet on the ground walking distance – gionocchia – even on the same line, slowly bring your arms straight over your head, the rhythm of breathing in, create a drive by gently pulling with your arms, (align the cv by joining the lumbar area on the ground and the cervical, returning with the chin), sull’espiro slowly return to its original position.


a) From the previous position sull’espiro porated arms forward and sideways at the knees solllevare head and first dorsal, the slow return and arms over your head sull’inspiro.

b) Idem, but start with a knee to the chest, arms over his head, hence extend the leg was flexed to the chest upwards (foot hammer) while the arms go back and lift head and first dorsal; first back with the knee to the chest and then ground with arms and column insp.) (7 times per leg run before one side, then the other) (MRP hear the effects of changing side)

c) ditto the start, but with both knees flexed to the chest; run as the previous year, mma with both legs at the same time) (this example is to be performed as an alternative to a or b)


stretched legs bent, feet on the ground and spread well apart even the knees, hands behind your head elbows flexed to the ground. align the lumbar sull’inspiro, sull’espiro descend slowly to the ground with both knees on the same side, return to the center insp. and down the other side sull’espiro … continue dynamically on the slow rhythm of the breath, and kept 10 resp. for each side at the end of the dynamics.)

5) CAT (start with the fetal position sitting on the heels forehead to the ground)

a) cat 1: cercicali Sit on the heels arms in front of

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forehead to the ground. sull’inspiro extend the cervical spine and first dorsal lifting his head … elbows relaxed. sull’espiro back with his chin in the face of the earth (always adhere to the small suspension of breath before reversing the movement).

b) Mixed 2 lift your hips, elbows on the ground (knees under hips, elbows under your shoulders) round the whole column on the exhale pubis toward

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the front … sull’inspiro extend without forcing, head up)

c) cat 3 hands instead of your elbows. same movement.